Heybridge Dental Practice

HEYBRIDGE DENTAL PRACTICE Heybridge Dental has been established for over 25 years and has cultivated a high standard of service and care. It is for this reason that many of their original patients continue to return year after year and also recommend the practice to their families and friends. To see more of what Heybridge

East Finchley Smiles

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Off the Cuff

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BOX2BURN Box2Burn offers boxing classes for everyone. You can join at any level or time in your life. There is no experience required to start. They offer a friendly group session atmosphere, but if you prefer, they also offer personal training on request. to see more of what they offer, Visit www.box2burn.com Blueberry was commissioned

Fuel The Music

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International Gas Union

INTERNATIONAL GAS UNION The International Gas Union (IGU) was founded in 1931. It is a worldwide non-profit organisation registered in Vevey, Switzerland with the Secretariat located in London, UK. For more information on what IGU do, you can visit www.igu.org INTERNAL SIGNAGE Signs and Display: We created a set of high impact signage for IGU’s

Creative Production

MAKE YOUR MATERIAL BEAUTIFUL Finishing refers to all the activities that are performed on printed material after printing. This includes binding, the fastening of individual sheets together, and decorative processes such as die-stamping, embossing or laminating. Producing a high-end solution to finishing can dramatically increase the impact of a piece of collateral. As shown in

Unit 22 Modelmakers

UNIT 22 MODEL MAKERS Unit 22 Model Makers is one of the UK’s most established model making practices with over 35 years at the forefront of realising visions and replicating design. The team at Blueberry have created this seamless website to present a wide range of the companies work using slideshows and effective light box

The Green Parrot Lounge

THE GREEN PARROT LOUNGE The GPL is one of our longest standing clients and have a 5 year long relationship.Throughout our journey together, we have cerated some beautiful promotional material for their cocktail bar and various pop up events that they hold throughout the year.  GRAPHIC DESIGN AGENCY SUPPORT GPL recently have partnered up with

Jack Buster

JACK BUSTER Working for the world-famous photographer Rankin, Jack ‘Buster’ Chainberlain is a London based artist who specialises in portrait photography. Our team created this stylish portfolio website to showcase his work online. This WordPress site is easy to navigate and is fully customisable. This enables Jack to easily update his content on a regular