The Green Parrot Lounge: Thai food at the Herne Hill Market for 5 years

Work to date: Brand Creation, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Print

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How we helped

The Green Parrot focuses on two things, great food and great coffee. They have partnered with an amazing local chef who has been serving top notch Thai food at the Herne Hill market for 5 years making it the perfect stop off for a spot of lunch on a busy market street.

After needing a total brand overhaul, we worked on re-creating the restaurants identity along with implementing new creative to all of its in-house printed material, signage and livery.

Re-imaginging the brand

TGP came to us to design a brand-new logotype that complimented the ethos of the restaurant. The teal green in the logo represents the colour that a tropical parrot fish adopts when it’s at its happiest. Combining this with an artisan style typeface gives the brand a premium feel and makes customers feel welcome when they come to visit.  


Menu design and print

We were tasked to create a brand new menu for TGP that was simple, stylish and durable. We created this menu using a heavy 400gsm outer cover coated with an anti scratch laminate to ensure the finish of the menus can withstand constant daily usage.


In-house stationary

Additionally, we created some impactful printed material to promote the restaurants day time coffee trade. These stylish loyalty cards are given to customers as an incentive to re-purchase and come back another day!


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