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How we helped

The Oakes College Cambridge formerly known as Netherhall Sixth Form Centre, has a long tradition of teaching A-level and applied course education and supporting young people.

Oakes required a brand new, fully customisable website that could provide general information news, downloadable documents, support payments and offer remote access to their internal portal. We created a secure WordPress based platform that can be directly edited and updated by its administrators to keep site constantly up to date.


Converting through education

The new site focuses on helping educate users about the college and provides a large amount of curriculum information which includes courses, term times and news. The site also enables the user to download the college prospectus and make payments via an external portal system. These key features are used to increase overall interest in the college and accessibility to important contextual information.

A positive response

The initial launch of the new site garnered positive fanfare as students and new users overwhelmingly agreed that the site was a great new experience and has become an essential tool for accessing information.

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