A definition of creativity is ‘the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, using originality, progressiveness or imagination.
It is the process by which one utilises creative ability’.

With regards to the specifics of how to create, there are as many theories, theorists and processes as there are people that create. However, there are certain tools and methods that can be used to help guide us in the direction of finding a solid creative solution that fulfils the brief. There is one thing that is universally accepted – finding the elusive ‘idea’ is not a solitary pursuit, and there is not a formula that can be used for all situations. Creativity is a way of thinking.


Blueberry is a creative design and production agency, focused on supporting businesses throughout the UK. We deliver highly creative solutions for companies with real ambition. Our mission is to create and pragmatically deliver the ‘elusive idea’ by engaging the right audiences via the most efficient channels, through strategic insight, design, production and implementation of finished solutions.

Our experienced and passionate team love nothing more than working with businesses who know the potential of their brand, helping them take a fresh perspective, think big, solve tricky brand challenges and tell authentic compelling stories.

We take the very best in creative recourse and combine it with cutting edge production and manufacturing processes to provide your business with a solid end to end solution for any type of project. Whether it’s creative, design or production you need, we’ve got you covered!


CREATIVE: Logo Design, Visual Identity Creation, Concepting, Typography Management, Brand Simulation, Creative Exploration. GRAPHIC DESIGN: Artwork, Creative Artwork, Artwork Direction, Template Adaptation, Content Lay-Up, Press Ad design and Asset Delivery. PRINT: Print Buying, Management, Specialist Finishing, Large Format, POS, Cardboard/Structural Engineering, Testing/Proofing, Substrate Management, Packaging, Signage, Out-of-Home. DIGITAL: Website Design & Development, Domain Management, Hosting, Email Management, SEO, Campaign Management, Social, App Builds, WordPress and Content Managed Website Production, 3rd Party Integration.

We believe in building long lasting relationships.

We collaborate with our clients to create work that is thoughtful, insightful and crafted.